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All About Eve Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Margo sweeps into the theatre.
  • Addison's in the lobby, and he tells Margo the audition is over. Margo is 2.5 hours late.
  • Margo wonders who read with Miss Caswell, and Addison reveals that Eve, her new understudy, did.
  • Margo pretends she knew all along that Eve was her understudy.
  • Addison says that no one paid attention to Miss Caswell because Eve's performance was "something made of music and fire." That's a good thing.
  • Lloyd, according to Addison, was captivated by Eve, especially because she didn't ad-lib as Margo does.
  • Inside the auditorium, Margo acts surprised that Eve is her understudy.
  • Eve says she's glad Margo arrived late, because she would have been embarrassed to continue reading if Margo had arrived in the middle of it. She's not worthy, etc.
  • Margo confronts Lloyd about his young characters and says her age is why he prefers Eve to her.
  • They fight on the stage and Lloyd storms out.
  • Bill has been lounging on stage, so Margo saunters over and lays into him, too.
  • She accuses him of planning the whole audition with Eve.
  • He grabs her and insists he never knew either. He says she's being paranoid and all she's doing is hurting the two of them.
  • "Once and for all, stop it!"
  • He proposes marriage to prove he's into her and not Eve.
  • She turns him down, and he says goodbye and walks away!
  • Wait! She stops him before he leaves. "Where are you going? To find Eve?" she asks.
  • Ouch. That may have been the final nail in the coffin holding their dead relationship.
  • Margo cries on the bed, and the scene fades to black.

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