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All About Eve Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Karen's voiceover continues.
  • Bill didn't come along for the couples' weekend.
  • Margo and Lloyd eventually got along.
  • On Monday, Karen and Lloyd drive Margo to the train station, so she'll be at the theatre in time for her performance.
  • It's icy, and the car skids across the road.
  • Then the car runs out of gas. Lloyd doesn't understand how. The car should have been full. It was full when Karen took that car that morning.
  • Karen swears she wasn't paying attention. Hmm…
  • Lloyd leaves the car to walk to the nearest station, leaving Karen and Margo alone in the car.
  • Margo apologizes for being unpleasant.
  • She says she wants to find her true self and for Bill to be in love with that part of her, not with "Margo Channing." Margo doesn't like "Margo Channing."
  • She thinks she's been harsh on Eve, too.
  • Margo gives a dramatic and moving speech about the nature of womanhood.
  • Karen is almost moved to tears, and she apologizes, mainly because she drained the gas tank herself so Eve could go on stage instead of Margo. She sinks guiltily down in the seat.

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