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All About Eve Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Eve does perform.
  • Not only that, she manages to invite everyone in the media to review her performance, which is spectacular.
  • Addison goes to Eve's dressing room after the show and overhears her talking to Bill.
  • He hides to eavesdrop.
  • Bill's talking about acting, and Eve is trying to seduce him.
  • Bill rebuffs her advances. "I'm in love with Margo. Haven't you heard?"
  • Eve is furious. She strips off her wig and throws it against the mirror.
  • Addison knocks, and Eve quickly regains her composure to welcome him inside.
  • He compliments her performance, and she pretends to be modest.
  • Addison suggests she shed her humility, and he offers to take her to supper. He wants to do a column about her.
  • While she's changing, he asks her about San Francisco and if she saw Margo at the Shubert Theatre.
  • Yes, Eve says, she did see Margo at the Shubert.
  • He asks about her husband, what was his last name?
  • She avoids the question, climbing into the shower and turning on the water.

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