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All About Eve Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • In voiceover, Karen comments on the columns all about Eve.
  • She meets Margo for lunch and bumps into Addison and Eve at the restaurant.
  • Eve says she'll be lunching with a Hollywood talent scout, even though she has no intention of going to Hollywood, perish the thought.
  • While waiting for Margo, Karen reads Addison's column.
  • She races over to Margo's apartment. Of course Margo hasn't left yet, so they read Addison's column in private.
  • Margo is livid at Addison's gushing review of Eve, which also condemns Margo, a grizzled old broad playing young roles she doesn't deserve. The nerveā€¦
  • She chucks the paper into the fire.
  • Bill arrives to comfort Margo. He read the article too, and he ran right over. What a guy.
  • He sweeps Margo into his arms and holds her while she cries.
  • Karen excuses herself, leaving the two of them alone.

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