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All About Eve Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • At the Cub Room, Bill, Margo, Lloyd, and Karen have dinner.
  • Bill tells everyone how amazing Margo was in the play. He toasts Margo, his "bride to be."
  • Karen and Lloyd are thrilled to hear the news. Maybe now Margo will finally calm down.
  • A waiter delivers a note to Karen. It's from Eve. She wants to speak with Karen in the ladies' room.
  • Margo looks across the room and sees Addison. Of course he's there with Eve.
  • Karen doesn't want to go, but everyone pressures her. They want to know what Eve has to say.
  • Karen and her amazing pearls make a beeline for the ladies' room, ignoring Addison along the way.
  • In the ladies' room, Eve and Karen have a chat.
  • Eve compares talking to Addison to having a tooth pulled under anesthetic—you don't know what you're saying.
  • She insists he twisted her words.
  • Eve says that she's been "told off" all over town. People are loyal to Margo, not to her.
  • Karen makes the mistake saying to Eve, "If there's anything I could do…"
  • Of course Eve wants the lead in Lloyd's new play… and she wants Karen to convince Lloyd.
  • If she doesn't, Eve will reveal the truth about why Margo missed the performance. (Because Karen drained the gas in the car on purpose.) Blackmail in a black dress!
  • Eve returns to Addison and says that Karen said she'd convince Lloyd to let Eve play the lead. "Just like that."
  • Karen and her stunning pearls return to the dinner table and she says that Eve cried and apologized.
  • Margo asks for a wedding present: for everybody to just shut up about Eve. "Eve Evil. Little Miss Evil."
  • Then she has some shocking news for everyone: She doesn't want to play the lead in the new play.
  • Margo doesn't want to pretend to be a woman twenty years younger anymore, now that she's going to be married.
  • She has a life to look forward to. She doesn't want to look back into the past.
  • Karen collapses into hysterical laughter. All her problems are solved. Just like that.

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