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All About Eve Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Addison and Eve are talking about Eve's upcoming off-Broadway debut in New Haven.
  • Eve thought she'd be scared, but she's excited for it.
  • He walks Eve to her suite and she's also excited for her nap. A woman after our own heart.
  • Addison calls Eve a "killer" which offends her. He says he meant to say "champion."
  • Eve invites him inside. She has something to tell him.
  • Addison is surprised how plush Eve's suite is. Max is paying for it.
  • Eve confesses that Lloyd is leaving Karen for her.
  • She says Lloyd's in love with her and she's in love with him. She says he begged her to marry him.
  • Addison calls her bluff, and says they need to talk "killer to killer."
  • "Champion to champion," Eve corrects him, but she doesn't want to talk. She wants her nap. We can sympathize.
  • Addison says Eve won't marry Lloyd because she belongs to him. Creepy.
  • Eve laughs at him and he slaps her, saying she can laugh at anyone else, but never at him.
  • "Get out," she says, but he won't leave. She goes for the phone, but he tells her not to touch it.
  • She obeys. He tells her that she will continue to obey him.
  • Why? He knows all her secrets. It's time for Eve to get blackmailed.
  • He knows her real name is Gertrude Slojinksi. That name hardly rolls off the tongue.
  • Also, she had an affair with her boss' wife in Wisconsin. He paid her $500 to get out of town, and she used the money to travel to New York.
  • Eve collapses onto her bed, crying, mascara running all over the sheets. She'd better tip the housekeeper.
  • Addison exposes Eve's lie that she saw Margo at the Shubert in San Francisco. San Fran has no Shubert. Psych!
  • He also reveals he heard her try to seduce Bill.
  • Finally, he says he dined with Karen three hours ago.
  • Karen told Addison Eve's story, that Addison twisted her words. He's not happy about that, and he now knows not to trust her at all.
  • Still, even though she's a lying psychopathic shrew, Addison thinks they deserve each other. "You agree how completely you belong to me?"
  • "Yes, Addison," she says.
  • This movie is in black and white, but we didn't realize it was practically fifty shades of grey.
  • Addison leaves a distraught Eve alone on the bed. He tells her she'll give the performance of her life that night on stage.

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