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All About Eve Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Boom, we're back to scene one, the award ceremony.
  • That night, Eve did give a performance to remember, and she's being recognized for her achievement.
  • Eve takes her award and delivers a dramatic speech, saying she respects everyone in the room and has so much to learn from them. She's still not worthy…
  • We can practically hear Margo's eyes rolling.
  • Eve thanks Max Fabian for taking a chance on her.
  • She thanks Karen for her "kindness and graciousness." Karen avoids eye contact and applause.
  • Eve thanks Margo Channing, her "benefactress and champion." Margo gives her the coldest stare in the history of film.
  • Then she thanks her director, Bill, who lights a cigarette instead of listening.
  • Finally Eve thanks Lloyd Richards, who also looks down at the table.
  • The only person who seems happy for her is Addison, who smirks from his table.
  • Eve says she's going to Hollywood to make a film, but her heart will always be in the theater. And she'll be back. (Sounds like a threat.)

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