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All About Eve Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • At the airport, Eve suggests she can get the plane tickets so Bill and Margo can spend time alone. The TSA would not approve of this today.
  • Margo tells Bill she's developed a "big protective feeling" toward Eve, "a lamb loose in our big stone jungle."
  • Bill embraces Margo, who tells him not to "get stuck on some glamour puss." She's afraid he'll leave her for a younger woman.
  • "Am I going to lose you, Bill?"
  • He's about to kiss her when Eve interrupts with the tickets.
  • Bill thanks Eve, smooches Margo, and boards the plane.
  • In voiceover, Margo says that Eve moved into her guest room that evening. Hasn't she seen Single White Female?! This isn't going to end well.
  • Margo says the next three weeks were like a fairy tale.
  • "Eve became my sister, lawyer, mother, friend, psychiatrist, and cop. The honeymoon was on."
  • Margo lounges about while Eve does all the work. She's super-efficient and deferential to Margo. Birdie feels left out.

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