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All About Eve Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Margo, whose costume is totally Gone with the Wind, is taking a bow on stage, while Eve waits just behind the curtain.
  • She compliments Margo's performance as she helps her from the giant dress.
  • In the dressing room, Eve tells Margo she made the curtains herself.
  • Birdie makes a snarky remark.
  • Eve decides to take the costume to be altered.
  • Birdie tells Margo that was a bad idea, because Eve will offend the wardrobe women, so Margo scampers after her.
  • She sees Eve on stage, cradling the dress and pretending to take a bow.
  • Margo is amused, and Eve has a look of surprise when she sees Margo watching her. Is she frightened or embarrassed?

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