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All About Eve Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Here's another bump: Margo is drunk and depressed and sitting next to the piano player, making him play the same sad song five times in a row.
  • She's turned the party into her own funeral.
  • Bill says the guests want some happier music, and Margo says they're welcome to leave.
  • Poor Max, with heartburn, asks Margo for some antacids, and she leads him to the pantry.
  • In the kitchen, Max says he made a promise to Miss Caswell to audition for a role in Margo's play.
  • Margo offers to read with her and help her practice… in exchange for a favor: giving Eve a job in his office. She wants her out of her life, apparently.
  • He doesn't think it's a good idea, but he agrees.
  • Lloyd enters and tells Margo she has a new guest: a movie star from Hollywood.
  • Margo asks Lloyd about the new play. She seems worried that she's supposed to be playing a girl of 20. "20-ish" specifies Lloyd.
  • "I'm not 20-ish, I'm not 30-ish," Margo says. She's 40.
  • Oops. She didn't mean to reveal her true age.
  • He says she can be as young as she wants, but Margo doesn't seem to believe it anymore.

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