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All About Eve Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Up in Margo's room, Eve enters with a fancy sable coat. It belongs to the Hollywood movie star.
  • Karen asks Eve if she's happy. Eve is so happy she can hardly put it into words.
  • Eve asks Karen for a favor. She wants to be Margo's new understudy.
  • Karen agrees to speak to Max about it.
  • Downstairs, the party is finally winding down.
  • Bill, Addison, and Max are sitting on the stairs with Claudia. Karen and Eve join them and listen to Addison rant and rave about the theatre.
  • Bill says the theatre takes hard work, and Eve mutters to herself, "Yes, yes it does."
  • She gazes dreamily and talks about the applause. Eve seems to be in it for the applause, that wave of love and adoration from the audience‚Ķ
  • Everyone looks at Eve like she's drunk, and she seems a little embarrassed.
  • Eve stands up when Margo enters. "Please stop acting as if I were the queen mother," Margo snaps at Eve.
  • Then she snaps at Bill and Karen and Lloyd. We're surprised she doesn't snap at the banister.
  • Karen excuses herself, telling Margo to stop being a star and stop treating her guests as her "supporting cast."
  • Margo stumbles drunkenly upstairs, wishing Bill a happy birthday and a welcome home on the way. How sweet.
  • Eve collapses onto a bench, and Karen comforts her, saying that Margo does things no one can figure out.
  • Whew, that was one crazy party.

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