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All Quiet on the Western Front Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • The company sits in a dugout as the enemy commences a bombardment.
  • Kat, Paul, and Westhus play cards, but after five days of shelling, no sleep, and rats stealing food, Paul is starting to unravel.
  • Kat calms him down, and Paul even makes a joke. Westhus accepts Paul as one of them.
  • Kemmerick has a dream and sees himself in Behn's place. An officer arrives to inform the men that the bombardment is getting worse, but they'll try to get food to them soon.
  • A shell hits close to the bunker and blows dirt into the entrance.
  • Kemmerick panics and tries to escape.
  • Paul grabs him, and Kat punches him back to his senses.

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