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All Quiet on the Western Front Scene 25

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Scene 25

Scene 25

  • Day passes to night, and Paul's still stuck in the crater, the French soldier dying slowly beside him.
  • Paul tries to help the solider, but with both their canteens empty, he can only provide the man muddied, bloody water pooling at the bottom of the crater.
  • The next morning, Paul's distressed and alternates between wishing the French soldier would die and soothing him with promises that he'll live.
  • When the French soldier finally dies, Paul's overcome with guilt, realizing he didn't want to kill a man who might have been his brother without the war.
  • Paul promises to take care of the French soldier's family and begs the corpse for forgiveness.
  • Paul cries himself to sleep. He awakes to silence and crawls back to his line.

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