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All the President's Men Music (Score)

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Music (Score)

David Shire

A lot of news is boring. Who cares about local town hall meetings bickering about waste pick-up, or property line disputes, or a zombie Jesus on the lawn? (Okay, that last one sounds interesting.)

And most of the time, a reporter's job can be pretty dull, even when he's uncovering a political scandal that goes all the way to the president of the United States. There's a lot of phone calls, a lot of going through lists and other paperwork, and lots of typing.

The typing is a soundtrack of its own, but when the men aren't typing, David Shire's soundtrack keeps the film going.

David Shire (then-husband of Talia Shire, Adrian from Rocky), worked in musical theatre and served as Barbra Streisand's pianist for a few years. However, his soundtrack for All the President's Men isn't anything special. There are no iconic theme songs or memorable tracks. It's mostly utilitarian: music to do research by.

So if you need to rifle through the library records of hundreds of people, scroll through dozens of names on, or basically anything that doesn't have to do with photographing zombie Jesus, pull up the All the President's Men soundtrack to stay motivated.

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