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All the President's Men Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • We open looking at a foggy sky.
  • Whoa, take cover. With a loud snap, giant letters fall from above.
  • J-U-N-E
  • Then numbers.
  • 1, 1972
  • Ohhhh, it wasn't a sky after all. We were really close up on a piece of paper inside a typewriter.
  • After the date is typed out, we see a helicopter land at 9:30 in front of Capitol Plaza.
  • It's carrying the president, and the House of Representatives is waiting for him.
  • President Nixon enters to thunderous applause.
  • He's happy. So smiley, he's practically a walking emoji.
  • But before he can address the room, we cut to black.

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