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All the President's Men Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • The next day the Times does a story about calls from the burglars to a G.O.P. Committee to Re-Elect the president.
  • Bernstein finds out that the Miami DA is trying to find out if any Florida laws have been broken, because the burglars are from Miami.
  • Bernstein makes an appointment with Dardis, the DA.
  • However the secretary doesn't let him in to see Dardis.
  • He leaves, but he calls pretending to be a clerk with urgent records for Dardis.
  • The secretary leaves to retrieve them, and Bernstein makes his way to Dardis's office.
  • Dardis attempts to blow Bernstein off, but eventually gives him Barker's phone records and bank records.
  • Let this be a lesson, Shmoopers: don't do anything illegal, or someone will find out how much you spend on fast food every week.
  • One of the checks is from Kenneth H. Dahlberg, and Bernstein thinks that name is important.

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