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All the President's Men Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Bernstein phones Woodward with the name so he can get on Dahlberg's trail.
  • A secretary finds a picture of him, but no other info. He's from Minnesota.
  • Woodward finds a phone number for Dahlberg in a Minneapolis phone book.
  • Dahlberg actually answers the phone, and says that all his money is turned over to the Committee to Re-Elect.
  • Suddenly, Dahlberg blurts out that his neighbor's wife has been kidnapped. Minneapolis is a lot more dangerous than we thought.
  • He hangs up.
  • Woodward calls the Committee to Re-Elect the President to speak with Clark MacGregor, head of the committee.
  • MacGregor says that John Mitchell was head of the committee then.
  • Dahlberg calls back—guess the kidnapping isn't that urgent—and Woodward takes the call.
  • Dahlberg says he's caught in the middle of something, but he doesn't know what.
  • He says he gave to cashier's check to Maurice Stans, the head of finance for Nixon.
  • Rock, meet hard place.

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