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All the President's Men Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • After Woodward writes about a delayed Federal Audit Report, Bernstein makes a house call to another woman on their list.
  • She's a bookkeeper, but she says she never worked for Sloan or Stans. (Stans is a name.)
  • Bernstein knows she's lying, and he pushes her on the money that can't be accounted for.
  • The woman says that there was a list of fifteen names, and each person was supposed to receive a chunk of that money.
  • She says Hugh Sloan quit because his wife pressured him to do what's right.
  • Bernstein suggests Sloan's a fall guy for John Mitchell.
  • She suggests Mitchell and Liddy planned the break-in, and then she says it would be "beautiful" if they could get John Mitchell (and freaking gorgeous if they could do it while listening to Joni Mitchell).
  • Bernstein appears to be on the right track.

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