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All the President's Men Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Men in suits break into the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate hotel. Suits don't seem to be good burglar attire. Were they in too big a hurry to change into a comfy ski mask after a hard day at the office?
  • One of the men radios another group, and tells them, "We're home."
  • Plainclothes cops are called to the scene.
  • When the cops arrive, a man across the street from the hotel radios the burglars, informing them of the police presence.
  • He tells them to be quiet, then he keeps radioing them asking if they're there. (No, you told them to be silent.)
  • As the cops search the suite, the men in suits run and hide.
  • They must never have played Sardines as kids, because they all try to hide under one desk and get caught.

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