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All the President's Men Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Near the water fountain, Woodward approaches Markham. He got the identities of the burglars from Starkey.
  • Woodward doesn't understand how the burglars have their own counsel if they never made a phone call.
  • Markham still declines to comment.
  • Woodward follows him back to the courtroom, and Markham reminds him that they're not his clients.
  • He says he's simply an acquaintance of one of the men. This is called pleading the Gotye defense.
  • The men enter the room, and Mr. Starkey says he represents all five.
  • The accused state their names and occupations.
  • Bernard Barker: "Anti-Communist."
  • James McCord: Security Consultant. Not just anywhere, but for the CIA.
  • Frank A Sturgis: Salvage Operator.
  • We don't hear the other men talk.

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