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All the President's Men Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Woodward returns to the newsroom, and the reporters speculate they were there to bug the room.
  • If so, why?
  • Woodward returns to his apartment and looks at notes while snacking on a delicious box of Ritz crackers. Ritz, your favorite round, buttery, flaky cracker, brought to you by Nabisco. (Yes, product placement existed even in the 1970's)
  • He receives a phone call from his colleague Bachinski at police HQ, letting him know that strange entries were found in two of the men's address books:
  • "HH at WH" and "Howard Hunt, W. House"
  • Woodward calls the White House asking to speak to Hunt.
  • He's transferred to Charles Colson's office.
  • He's told Hunt also works at Mullen & Company, Public Relations.
  • Woodward asks Harry, the editor, who is Charles Colson?
  • He's special counsel to President Nixon. The pieces are falling into place.
  • Woodward calls Hunt and asks him why his name was in the address books of the burglars.
  • "No comment."
  • He make some more phone calls, including one to a publishing house that said he wrote spy novels, and another that reveals Howard Hunt was with the CIA. Shocking.

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