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All the President's Men Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  1. Bernstein flirts with a girl who allegedly worked for Colson.
  2. She denies it. But she worked for an assistant. An assistant's assistant.
  3. The rumor around the office was that the White House was investigating Ted Kennedy.
  4. Allegedly Hunt checked out all the books at the library on Kennedy.
  5. Bernstein calls the White House library, and the librarian offers to give him all of Hunt's records (and his height, weight, blood type and inseam. When they say "public library" they really mean public.)
  6. However, when the librarian returns, she sounds nervous and weird and she denies having a card for Hunt, or even knowing him.
  7. Bernstein calls Nixon's spokesman, Ken Clawson, and asks for clarification.
  8. But like the second to smallest little piggy, he gets none.
  9. Clawson calls back and says the librarian denied ever speaking to Bernstein.
  10. Woodward and Bernstein rush from the office to the library faster than anyone has ever ran to a library before.

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