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Almost Famous Larry Fellows & "Silent" Ed Vallencourt (John Fedevich and Mark Kozelek)

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Larry Fellows & "Silent" Ed Vallencourt (John Fedevich and Mark Kozelek)

The quiet rhythm section of Stillwater, Larry and "Silent" Ed don't say a whole lot throughout Almost Famous. In fact, Ed has just one line in the entire movie. The two are solid musicians, but they aren't exceptional; they seem to align more with Jeff than they do with Russell in the band's internal power struggle.

Both guys get a bit more airtime in the director's cut, which includes a hilarious interview William tries to conduct with way cranky Larry:

"Larry Fellows, how would you describe your role in Stillwater," William asks. "What is the chemical you add to the chemistry?" "I'm the bass player," Larry responds grimly. "Right," says William, growing flustered. "And when you take that away, what would be missing stylistically? What chemical?" Larry looks at William for a moment, confused, before answering: "The bass?"

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