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Almost Famous Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

"Just Make Us Look Cool"

  • Down by the hotel pool, William pulls out his tape recorder and prepares to interview Russell. "Shut that thing off for a second and I'll tell you the truth," he tells William. "Just make us look cool."
  • Russell continues, later: "Some of the stuff that happens is good for a few people to know about, instead of, you know, a million people."
  • Russell confesses that he has outgrown the band as a musician. But he feels a responsibility to the rest of the band not to walk out. "But here I am, telling secrets to the one guy I'm not supposed to tell secrets to," he tells William.
  • William tells Russell that they can do the interview later.
  • We cut to the band on stage in Tempe, as Russell gets electrocuted by a microphone.
  • The band members are accosted by the venue's promoter, but they walk out, get on the bus, and drive away.

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