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Almost Famous Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

"Write What You Want"

  • We cut to William and Stillwater on board their plane, which before long starts shaking violently. Everyone freaks out accordingly.
  • Thinking the plane is about to crash and that they are about to die, Russell begins a series of final confessions. "Maybe I never said this enough, but I love all of you."
  • Dennis, Dick, Jeff, and Larry Fellows, the bass player, all contribute to the discussion. Everyone reveals that at one point, they had all pretty much slept with everyone else's significant other. Ah, the glamorous rock star life.
  • The band's frustrations with Russell then come out. "You act above us, and you always have," Jeff explains, revealing that he has always resented Russell for thinking he's better than the rest of them.
  • As the band continues to argue, William finally enters the conversation. He brings up Penny, explaining that he she had almost died the previous night, and that all they did was use her. "You guys always talk about the fans—she was your biggest fan… and I love her," William reveals.
  • Just then, Silent Ed Vallencourt, the drummer, utters his only line in the entire movie, ("F*** it, I'm gay"), and the turbulence stops. The captain celebrates, sharing the news that they are going to make it. Everyone looks around in shock.
  • Safely on the ground in Tupelo, the band, in a daze, silently walks up the ramp to the airport.
  • William lingers behind and offers a silent farewell to Russell. "Write what you want," the guitarist says, before turning and walking away.

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