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Almost Famous Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21


  • At the Rolling Stone offices in San Francisco, William finally meets Ben Fong-Torres.
  • Everyone criticizes William and his piece. "It sounds like you wrote what they wanted you to write," a Rolling Stone staffer exclaims.
  • William insists that it's not finished and promises that he will finish the story that evening.
  • Later that night, William flips through the Polaroids of the band, struggling to find the inspiration to complete the piece.
  • We cut to a delirious William on the phone to Lester. "It was fun," William tells Lester dejectedly. "Because they made you feel cool," Lester says knowingly. "Hey, I met you. And you are not cool."
  • Lester continues: "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone when you're uncool."
  • Lester leaves William with a final few words of advice: "Be honest and unmerciful."
  • The next day, the editors at Rolling Stone look over an exhausted William's piece. Hey, we all know what it's like to pull an all-nighter.
  • We cut to Stillwater on the road. A very irritated Jeff shares with the rest of the band that he had just spoken with Rolling Stone, who called to fact check William's story. "We come off like amateurs," he yells, "all jealous and fighting and breaking up."
  • "Maybe we don't see each other like we actually are," Russell suggests. He is then reminded of the "golden god" incident.
  • "Wait, I never said 'I'm a golden god,'" Russell says. "Or did I?'"
  • Back at Rolling Stone, everyone congratulates William on his honest and unmerciful story. However, the fact checker comes in and shares the news that Russell Hammond denied the whole story. "He's just some fan, what do you expect?" she says.

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