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Almost Famous Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

"To Begin with…"

  • Russell exits a cab and walks up to the front door of a house. "Hello, Penny," he rehearses under his breath.
  • Russell's surprised when it's Elaine Miller who greets him at the door.
  • Russell introduces himself. "So this is the famous Russell Hammond," Elaine says. "You know, when we spoke, I thought that we connected."
  • Elaine leads Russell to William's room, as Russell begins to figure out exactly where he is. He sees photos of William around the house and finally makes the connection.
  • "My son is very important to me, too, and I do agree you owe him an apology," Elaine tells him. "There's hope for you yet, Russell."
  • A reprise of "Tiny Dancer" plays as Russell enters William's room. "So this is where the enemy sleeps," he tells a very groggy William.
  • "You know, I think we both wanted to be with her," Russell explains of Penny. "I guess she wanted us to be together."
  • "You should give her a call," Russell continues. "That girl really cares about you. And I never even knew her real name."
  • Russell tells William that he called Rolling Stone and confirmed William's story.
  • William pulls out his tape recorder, and turns it on. "What do you love about music?" he asks Russell.
  • Russell smiles. "To begin with… everything."

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