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Almost Famous Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

"And the Chicks Are Great"

  • Inside the greenroom of the venue, Jeff Bebe spouts nonsense into William's tape recorder about the meaning and importance of rock and roll. "And the chicks are great," he reminds William.
  • Russell Hammond starts playing guitar nearby, and William points the tape recorder in his direction. Russell refuses to speak. It's clear who the real prize interview subject is.
  • Penny finds William furiously scribbling notes on a pad—he is already quite taken with her. They have a conversation, and Penny discovers innocent little William's true age: 15.
  • Then Russell appears, and it becomes immediately clear that he and Penny already know each other quite well.
  • Notice the soundtrack choice here: "River" by Joni Mitchell, from her album Blue.
  • The boys of Stillwater pull William into their pre-show huddle and go onstage to play their hit song "Fever Dog."

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