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Amélie Music (Score)

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Music (Score)

Yann Tiersen

Amélie has the kinds of tunes you'd expect to hear while you nibble on a baguette and brie at a charming French bistro. (And by nibble, we clearly mean stuff your face.) Peppered with piano and accordion, the music lets you know you're in Paris even before the characters start speaking French.

Yann Tiersen is a French musician who caught the ear of director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The tracks in Amélie are mostly handpicked from work already released by Tiersen, but they perfectly fit the whimsical mood of the film. They also create a sense of movement as Amélie zips all over the city looking for good deeds to do. Without the music, the movie would lose much of its quirky charm.

After Amélie, Tiersen scored the gig for the film Good Bye, Lenin!...but then he said goodbye to cinema and went back to his traditional studio recordings.

And that's that.

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