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Amélie The Blind Man (Jean Darie)

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The Blind Man (Jean Darie)

Once Was Lost, But Now He's… Still Lost

We see the nameless blind three times in Amélie. First, he's in the subway listening to a song on a record player. Amélie gives him some money. Second, he comes into the Two Windmills and buys cigarettes from Georgette, maybe with the same money Amélie gave him.

Finally, we see him when Amélie spontaneously decides to give him a walking tour of the city, narrating all the tiny details to him, like the price of meat and what people are wearing on the street, details he would never know about otherwise.

When Amélie leaves him by the subway station, the camera zooms in on him, and he glows, just like a character from a video game whose quest was just completed. Achievement unlocked! He's truly seen things he never has before.

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