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Amélie The Man in Red Shoes (Ticky Holgado)

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The Man in Red Shoes (Ticky Holgado)

In Nino's photo album, there are many photos of a bald man. Nino only collects photos that people leave behind in photo booths, and he has no idea who this man is. Why would this man take so many pictures and never keep them?

Amélie wonders the same thing when she finds Nino's album. She and Dufayel wonder if the man is a ghost, faxing his portrait from the afterlife. Um, for the curious, a fax was the way people sent images in the Stone Age before the Internet.

However, by a twist of fate, Amélie discovers that the bald man in red shoes is the photo booth repairman. She arranges for Nino to find this out, and the great mystery is solved. Nino isn't disappointed that the man isn't a ghost or anything; he takes great pleasure in the magic of ordinary life. We should introduce him to that plastic bag kid from American Beauty.

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