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Amélie Summary

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Amélie Summary


When Princess Diana is killed, the world grieves. To help ease the pain, people buy Beanie Babies and listen to Elton John. But somewhere in Montmartre, Paris, a young woman named Amélie's life changes forever.

Shocked by the news of Diana's car crash, Amélie drops the lid to her perfume bottle. It rolls across the bathroom tiles, cracking loose a tile on the wall. Behind it, Amélie finds a tin filled with toys from many years ago. Instead of dumping it or selling the stuff on eBay, Amélie decides to return the tin to its owner.

She manages to track down the man who was once the boy who owned the tin. His name is Dominique Bretodeau, and Amélie leaves the tin for him to find. The discovery changes his life, too. From that moment on, Amélie decides to become a Good Samaritan, fixing up people in the café she works at, describing the world to a blind man, and inspiring her father to go on a vacation.

However, Amélie can't help one person—herself. She has the hots for Nino, a cute guy who collects discarded photos from picture booths around the city. The problem: she can't get up the nerve to speak to him.

One day, Nino loses his treasured photo album, and Amélie finds it. Now is the opportunity to ask him out, right?

Amélie doesn't take it. Instead, she leads Nino on a variety of games to find the photo album. He plays along, but he wonders who this mysterious girl is. Finally, Amélie leaves a note for him to meet her at the café, the Two Windmills, but when he arrives, she's too shy to speak to him.

Amélie's neighbor, Mr. Dufayel, a man with brittle bones who cannot leave his apartment, convinces Amélie to stop being scared and go after Nino. So she does. Conveniently, he's right on her doorstep, having been told where she lives by one of Amélie's coworkers. Instead of shutting the door in his face, Amélie pulls him inside and kisses him.

As summer in Paris starts to come to an end, everyone who has been changed by Amélie goes on with his or her life. Her dad goes on a vacation. Mr. Bretodeau reunites with his grandson. And Amélie and Nino ride on his motor-scooter through the streets of the city. A romantic end indeed.

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