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Amélie Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • On September 3, 1973 a fly lands on a street… and is squished.
  • A sperm fertilizes an egg.
  • Nine months later, Amélie Poulain is born.
  • Roll the credits, which show Amélie as a young girl doing a variety of young girl things, like spinning a coin like a top, pulling dried glue from her hands, or going hardcore Curly Sues on some raspberries.
  • We're introduced to Amélie's father, a doctor who has "tight lips and a hard heart" and wears socks with sandals. He likes cleaning and organizing things.
  • Now we see Amélie's mother, Amandine, with her "facial twitch [and] weak nerves." She also likes cleaning and organizing things.
  • Amélie's father isn't a hugger, and he only touches his daughter when giving her a checkup.
  • Because this rare proximity to her father makes her heart race, Amélie fails the checkup and is homeschooled. All by herself. She creates a lot of imaginary friends.
  • After Amélie's fish, her only real-life friend, tries to commit suicide, her mother dumps it in the river, which is sad. She also dumps the fishbowl, which is just rude.

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