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Amélie Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • One day, Bretodeau is walking by a phone box (like a Tardis that doesn't travel through time), and he goes in to answer it.
  • It's Amélie on the other end, but she hangs up.
  • Then Bretodeau notices his tin sitting on the shelf. He opens it and finds his childhood inside.
  • Bretodeau walks to a nearby bar and sits down for a drink. Amélie is eavesdropping on a stool nearby.
  • Bretodeau sips his cognac and talks about an incredible find, something left for him by his "guardian angel."
  • Bretodeau tells Amélie that he has a daughter he hasn't spoken to in years. She has a boy; he's a grandfather. "It's time I looked them up," he says.

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