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Amélie Scene 27

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Scene 27

Scene 27

  • At the specified time, Nino's waiting at the carousel next to a ringing phone. A woman answers it, and tells him the phone is for him.
  • Amélie, in glasses and a headscarf, whispers into the phone, telling Nino to follow the blue arrows.
  • Sure enough, there's a trail of blue arrow in chalk leading away from the phone…
  • Up some stairs…
  • To some pigeons…
  • Up some more stairs…
  • To a man posing as a statue, whose finger points…
  • To some binoculars…
  • Which Nino looks into, and sees Amélie putting the album in his saddlebag.
  • Nino runs down the stairs to catch Amélie, bumping into people and pigeons along the way, but when he reaches his bike, she's gone.
  • The phone rings, and Nino answers it.
  • "I know the stranger in the pictures. He's a ghost. He's invisible," Amélie says into the phone.
  • "Who are you?" Nino asks.
  • Amélie says, "Page 51," and she hangs up the phone.
  • On page 51 are a series of photos, with the message on them: "Do you want to meet me?"
  • Nino speeds away on his bike, and Amélie smiles.

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