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Amélie Scene 30

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Scene 30

Scene 30

  • After work, Amélie goes to get vegetables and sees Mr. Collignon bullying Lucien again.
  • You know what that means: Amélie goes back into Collignon's apartment with her stolen key.
  • Amélie replaces Collignon's slippers with smaller ones and his lamps with dimmer bulbs, she reprograms his speed dial, and she puts a metal pin in a power cord.
  • That night, Amélie reads the love letters she took from her landlady. She makes copies of them, cuts up the hubby's handwriting, and forges a new letter like a ransom note, which she then copies again and ages with a bowl of tea.
  • Then Amélie spies on the glass man, who is painting the girl with the glass of water.
  • The glass man spies back with binoculars and sees the letter hanging to dry in Amélie's kitchen.
  • That evening, Mr. Collignon returns home, can't fit his feet in his slippers, plugs in his lamp (the cord explodes), and then uses his speed dial to call his mother but reaches a psychiatric hotline. He pours a nice glass of scotch… and spits it all over the place. (Remember the salt?)

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