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Amélie Scene 32

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Scene 32

Scene 32

  • Back at the apartment, the landlady gets a letter. It's an official letter from the post office saying that a letter from her dead husband was recovered from a crashed mail plane.
  • The letter (which Amélie forged) says that the landlady's husband regrets running away with the secretary, and he hopes she'll forgive him and join him someday.
  • The landlady cries happy tears.
  • Upstairs, Lucien delivers groceries and another videotape to the Mr. Dufayel.
  • Lucien reveals that the landlady got a letter that had been lost for 40 years.
  • Lucien and Mr. Dufayel work on different paintings side by side.
  • As they talk, Lucien mentions Lady Di, and Mr. Dufayel screams at him for obsessing over her.
  • Lucien leaves, and Mr. Dufayel puts in Amélie's new video. It's a tape of babies swimming, which cuts to a cowboy with one leg who dances.
  • Dufayel sees Amélie outside the window and nods at her. She nods back.
  • Amélie's dad receives another letter: it's the gnome at a Cambodian temple.
  • Back at Amélie's apartment, her flight attendant friend returns the gnome to Amélie.

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