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Amélie Scene 33

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Scene 33

Scene 33

  • Nino is still posting his ads around, looking for the girl who returned his album.
  • At every booth, Nino looks for more photos people threw away.
  • Nino finds a photo that's been torn into tiny pieces. It's Amélie as Zorro. Written on it are instructions to go to The Two Windmills at 4 p.m.
  • At the Two Windmills, Amélie waits, but at 4:10, Nino still hasn't shown up.
  • Amélie worries that Nino either didn't find the photo or was kidnapped by a gang of bank robbers, got into a car crash, lost his memory, ran away to Istanbul, got kidnapped by vigilantes, etc., etc. Now he lives in the mountains with a sheep?
  • Then Nino shows up.
  • Nino takes a table, and Gina takes his order, for coffee.
  • A sexy gal in a tube top shows up, and Nino thinks it's his mystery woman… but it's not.
  • Amélie watches Nino from behind a pane of glass, where she writes the specials for the day with a marker.
  • Nino rests his spoon on his saucer, dabs some sugar with his finger, knocks on the glass and asks, "Is this you?" while he holds up the photo.
  • Amélie shakes her head no.
  • Nino's like yes it is, so Amélie shrugs and walks away.
  • Amélie intercepts Gina and has her slip a note into Nino's pocket, which he doesn't notice.
  • Since Amélie is acting like she's not interested, Nino leaves.

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