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Amélie Scene 35

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Scene 35

Scene 35

  • Amélie goes to the train station photo booth and puts a bunch of junk into the coin slot—a paper clip, a bolt, a DVD copy of The Interview—and breaks it. Then she calls the repairman.
  • Nino finds the note in his pocket, telling him to be at the photo booth at 5 p.m.
  • Exasperated, Nino goes, anyway.
  • There's a man in the booth, but Nino is looking for Amélie.
  • Nino can't find her anywhere, because she's hiding.
  • Then… the photo booth curtain parts… and the bald man in red shoes steps out. The man Nino has been wondering about forever. He's the photo booth repairman.
  • Nino beams at the man in red shoes, and the man looks at him like he's crazy.
  • While Nino fishes the man's photo from the trash can, Amélie gets up the courage to approach him.
  • But a baggage cart drives by, and when it passes, Nino's gone.

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