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Amélie Scene 36

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Scene 36

Scene 36

  • Georgette and Joseph's relationship has gone the way of Joseph and Gina's. He spies on her and speaks into his tape recorder and skeeves her out.
  • Nino is at the café, and he asks Gina where Amélie is.
  • Gina tells Nino to come back at 6 p.m.
  • Amélie is off work that day. She's sneaking to her father's house and replacing the gnome without him realizing it.
  • Back at the Two Windmills, Georgette loses it with Joseph's stalking, and she leaves. "Psychos are the last straw!"
  • Suzanne tells Joseph to stop smothering the women he meets.
  • Amélie returns, and Joseph tells her that Gina is with the guy with the note in his pocket.
  • Amélie jumps to conclusions and is devastated, but Gina is simply telling Nino that Amélie really likes him.

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