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Amélie Scene 37

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Scene 37

Scene 37

  • Back at her apartment building, Amélie is depressed. Her landlady is trying to tell her about the romantic letter that was just delivered, but Amélie doesn't want to hear it.
  • Amélie storms to her apartment to angrily bake plum cake—yes, you can angrily bake—but she's out of yeast. She imagines what life would be like if Nino lived with her and would run little errands and be romantic.
  • But Nino's not there. Amélie's a crazy cat lady, and she cries into the flour.
  • Then the doorbell rings. OMG.
  • IT'S NINO.
  • Amélie doesn't answer, so Nino slips a note under the door.
  • The note says, "I'll be back." Oh, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger; we totally thought it was Nino.
  • Amélie looks out the window and sees Nino leaving. He looks up and sees her watching him.
  • Amélie's cordless phone rings, and she answers it.
  • It's Mr. Dufayel, telling her to go into the bedroom. She does, and her TV is set up like a little altar, with candles around it.
  • Amélie hits play on the VCR and finds a video from Mr. Dufayel, telling her not to let this opportunity pass her by. "Go get him, for Pete's sake!" Pete? We thought he was Nino.
  • Amélie runs for the door and bumps right into Nino in the hallway. She takes him by his lapels and pulls him into the apartment.
  • Amélie kisses the corner of Nino's lips, then his neck, then his eyelid, then she points to her lips. Kiss her, man!
  • So Nino does. He kisses Amélie's lips, then her neck, then her eyelid.
  • Mr. Dufayel watches through his binoculars as they make out. Lucien is filming it with his camera, and Mr. Dufayel makes him stop.

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