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Amélie Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • It's off to the grocer, a rude fat man named Collignon, who makes fun of his employee, Lucien, for being obsessed with Lady Di and generally treats so poorly that working in a sweatshop would be an improvement.
  • Amélie asks the grocer about her flat's prior tenants, and he refers Amélie to his mother.
  • From the grocer's parents, Amélie learns that the family's name was Bredoteau.
  • In the subway or tube or whatever the French call their underground trains, Amélie sees a man (whose name we're told is Nino Quincampoix, even though Amélie doesn't know that yet) scooping photos from under a photo booth.
  • We're told that as children, when Nino dreamed of having a sister, Amélie wished for a brother.

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