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Amélie Courage

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You wouldn't think it would take a lot of bravery to conduct day-to-day business in Paris, unless you're not a native and everyone is rude to you. Most people combat any sort of anxiety by settling into a routine, and the characters in Amélie are no different. Some of these people are in ruts that have gone on for decades. Even Amélie herself is in one, having retreated into her own head a long time ago. It takes courage to break out of these well-worn routines.

Questions About Courage

  1. Is Amélie courageous, or is she cowardly? When is she at her bravest, and when does she let her fear of social interaction take control?
  2. How does Nino balance out Amélie? What does he sometimes hide behind and why?
  3. How do other characters show bravery in the movie? How does Amélie inspire them to step outside their comfort zones and go for something?

Chew on This

Amélie does some things we all want to do but would be too scared to. She also avoids things that most other people would have little fear about doing.

It's easy for Dufayel to talk about getting outside and doing something; he never has to leave his apartment. That's why Amélie gets angry at him sometimes—he doesn't understand how hard it can be.

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