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Amélie Love

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Paris is the city of love, at least for those who don't live in the city. But there is always the hint of romance in the air in the streets, and that's exactly the idealized image of the city Jean-Pierre Jeunet evokes in Amélie. Now, as we just said, because Amélie lives in Paris, it's not the city of love for her—yet, anyway. For most of the movie, she spends time trying to help everyone else find love… though she does eventually find it herself.

Questions About Love

  1. Is Amélie happy before she finds love with Nino? Does she actually love Nino?
  2. What does each character love (it doesn't have to be another person), and how does Amélie help him or her realize it?
  3. What are the consequences of love for each character? Does it always work out happily ever after? Are they happy when they've found what they're looking for?

Chew on This

Amélie isn't necessarily about romantic love; it's about finding love in everyday things.

Amélie is about romantic love. In the end, Amélie realizes that an appreciation for small pleasures doesn't cut it; it's romance with another person that she needs.

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