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American Beauty Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Jane and Angela are smoking pot in the car outside the house, and Jane is apologizing for Lester's pervy attentiveness to Angela.
  • Angela says she's used to it. She'd go to dinner with her parents, and every guy would stare at her, all the guys at school fantasize about her… blah blah.
  • This girl seems to have a muy healthy ego, no?
  • She's glad for all the attention, even if it's pervy and gross, because she claims there's nothing worse than being ordinary.
  • Now we see Jane and Angela through a home video viewfinder. As Jane's getting out of the car, she sees that Ricky is filming her. She calls him an asshole and gives him the finger before going inside.
  • She turns out all the lights once she's inside and looks out the window—he's gone. She closes the curtains and smiles a little.

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