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American Beauty Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Now we're outside Angela and Jane's school, and Angela is describing her sexual exploits to some girls.
  • Apparently she had sex with some photographer to advance her "career." The other girls aren't really so impressed.
  • Angela and Jane see Ricky arriving at school.
  • Angela says she used to work with him and he was weird.
  • He had been in a mental institution. In their chit-chatting, Angela picks up on the fact that Jane likes him.
  • Ricky comes up to the ladies, and Jane calls him out for filming her. Ricky seems apologetic, but says he finds her interesting and is just curious.
  • After he's gone, the two girls discuss Ricky and how odd he seems. Naturally, Angela thinks he's strange mostly because he didn't seem interested in her at all.

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