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American Beauty Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Lester and Carolyn are at a business function for Carolyn's work, and she's lecturing him as they enter about how important this is. She asks him to act happy.
  • Carolyn goes to say hello to Buddy, her rival in real estate.
  • He gets her name wrong. She says hello to Buddy's stunning lady friend.
  • Buddy doesn't remember Lester, even though they've met before. Lester forgives him, saying he wouldn't remember him, either. Ouch!
  • Carolyn is mortified and kind of awkwardly laughs, asking Lester not to be "weird."
  • He says he'll be whatever she wants him to be and gives her a smooch, telling Buddy, "We have a very healthy relationship." Yeah, right…
  • Then Lester goes to get a drink.

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