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American Beauty Scene 26

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Scene 26

Scene 26

  • Meanwhile, outside, Ricky and Lester are having their own fun, smoking pot and talking about movies.
  • Ricky's boss comes out and isn't super impressed, as you might imagine.
  • When he says he's not paying Ricky to do this kind of thing, Ricky tells him not to pay him, then, and to leave him alone.
  • Again, the boss is not impressed, but Lester sure is—and he says Ricky is now basically his hero.
  • Ricky gives Lester a little bit of background on how he can quit his job so easily—it seems that these gigs are just a cover, and Ricky's real income comes from "other sources" (in other words: drugs).
  • He does the legit jobs to keep his dad off his back.
  • Carolyn finds them outside.
  • Lester tries to introduce Ricky but then gets the giggles.
  • Ricky says he goes to school with Jane.
  • Carolyn, who's too drunk to really process what's happening with her husband, says a quick hello to Ricky and then says she's ready to go.
  • As they are saying goodbye, Ricky offers Lester more pot whenever he wants...

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