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American Beauty Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • Lester is outside Jane's door listening to Jane and Angela talk. Angela says that Carolyn is a phony, but her dad is cute.
  • They hear a noise, and Lester runs away.
  • Angela mentions that Lester should start working out…
  • The girls realize the noise they heard was from outside, and when they look out the window, they see the name "Jane" burning on the lawn.
  • Now we're looking at the girls through Ricky's camera. Angela is posing in the window 'cause they know he's watching, but he zooms past her to Jane's reflection in the mirror. She's smiling.
  • Then Ricky sees that Lester is in the garage looking for something.
  • Lester eventually pulls out weights, takes off his clothes and stares at himself, and starts pumping iron (it seems he heard Angela's comment about working out).
  • Ricky stares.
  • Ricky pans the camera over to film Lester instead of Jane, muttering to himself, "Welcome to America's weirdest home videos."
  • Suddenly, Ricky's dad knocks on the door, and Ricky answers. His dad isn't pleased that Ricky's door was locked.
  • He's there for a urine sample. Ricky asks to give it to him in the morning.
  • Ricky's dad starts to say something, but stops himself.
  • When his dad is gone, Ricky goes to the fridge and pulls out some frozen urine to thaw for the sample.

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