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American Beauty Scene 29

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Scene 29

Scene 29

  • Now we're back with Lester, who's in bed.
  • He gets up and heads into the bathroom, and the weird fantasy music starts playing again, so we're pretty sure what's happening isn't real.
  • He finds Angela in a bath full of rose petals, and they are starting to get frisky when the camera snaps back to reality, where Lester is in bed pleasuring himself.
  • His activities wake Carolyn up, and Carolyn is not pleased to see what he's doing.
  • However, Lester defends himself, saying they haven't really had a marriage for some time, so he's going to "whack off" when he feels like it and not bother to hide it.
  • She threatens divorce.
  • He threatens to take half of her assets.
  • She goes back to bed angry, but he smiles to himself—he seems to be enjoying his newfound assertiveness.

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